Slow Food is an international non-profit-making association. It was founded in 1986 as a response to the standardisation of fast-food and the frenetic pace of the “fast life”. It now involves over500 000 people in  countries around the world. The Convivia  – are the Movement’s local focus and they organise a variety of initiatives for members.

Slow Food promotes and celebrates differences in flavours, artisan food production, small scale agriculture and sustainable approaches to fishing and farming. It also restores cultural dignity to food, promotes taste education and strives to defend biodiversity. Saving an endangered breed of animal or vegetable variety means preserving an environment, recovering recipes and rewarding a discerning palate.

Peter has a passion for real food and according to him, after the Second World War, British farmers were encouraged to intensify and boost output to feed the nation. Nowadays, supermarkets are forcing prices down and farmers have been forced to increase their output just to stay in business.

We have become too intensive and must turn the clock back, by allowing animals to develop more slowly and not cramming all sorts of additives into our meat. Hence The Slow Food Movement.

More and more people are having problems with allergies and it could be that modern farming and processing methods contribute to that. People today also want to know where their food comes from and how it is produced.

In 2000, Peter began a Convivia (slow food group) of people in the North West keen on advocating good food.

Every 2 years in Turin – Salone Del Gusto – the Slow Food event takes place to promote bioadversity and the small scale producers globally of food. Sillfield Farm have exhibited and sold Cumbrian food products at this event 2004 , 2006 , 2008 , and in 2010 attended with the community (asscociation) of Traditional Cumberland Sausagemakers . 2014 peter was picked to attend as a UK delegate .

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