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About Us

Sillfield Farm Foods, at Barrow Market Stall is where we create food products that we feel you can truly enjoy, made from Traditional Farm Animals often to old and artisan recipes. We’ve tried and tested these over the years, learning often from our customers, but also trying to NOT put unnecessary ingredients into products. These extra not needed ingredients are often used to extend shelf life, bulk out and cheapen commodities,  mask proper flavour, and retain water and moisture up to the point of cooking, where it usually then disappears into thin air. You do sometimes get what you pay for, and sometimes you pay and don’t get what you expect.  continue reading

Peter and Christine Gott with the Baking Brothers

Sillfield Farm Barrow Ltd,
Stall 3,
Barrow Market,
LA14 1HU.

Company Reg. Number: 08700252

VAT. Number: 184566767

About Us

We recommend with our sausages and burgers – Use or Freeze. OUR Sausages are all Gluten Free and we allow 5 days shelf life from when we manufacture. Some supermarket sausages have 9 days shelf life, this is only possible with maximum preservative allowed, up to 2.5% sodium Sulphite (or a chemical derivative).

This makes the sausage very salty, therefore dilute with rusk (bread) add water, and add herbs and spices, add MSG, flavour enhancers, and then to get back a better visual appearance – add colouring, to stop fading add antioxidant as well. Phosphates will hold water and moisture. Well, are you getting the picture!

It is possible in short food supply chains to do this. We take animals to abattoir Monday, Return Tuesday, prepare and make Wednesday, Thursday. THEN Thursday despatch and deliver to customers Friday.

It’s actually one of the reasons we left the London Borough market, which we started back in 1998 TWO days per week Friday and Saturday. It’s success pushed us to open Thursday and then all week. As we didn’t have hot food style capabilities, we struggled to keep our products   genuine, looking back, Should I have made sausages and products to last 9 days?