Here at Sillfield Farm in Cumbria, The Lake District, we produce Wild Boar, Rare Breed Pigs, Iron Age pigs, and Herdwick Sheep and lamb and Lakeland lamb from our own and other local farms in the area. We only have a Total of 40 acres of which 16 acres of Woodland is dedicated to Wild Boar meat production. As we are over 600 feet above sea level our upland farm produces later grass and is most suitable for grazing and rearing Herdwick Lamb, The Lake Districts most Indigenous Breed of sheep.

Rare Breed Pigs include British Lops (our most rare pig in the UK), Saddlebacks (black and white), and a small number of Large Blacks. We have available every week carcass size 70 kg which are generally around 28 to 32 weeks, commercial pigs will be half this age, that’s why slow growing with rare breed pigs gives you taste.

Herdwick Sheep, now a protected EEC regional breed (PDO), is a fell runner! Well very agile, and a hardy breed of sheep that has been around since Viking times, grazing on poorer but probably tastier shrubland, slower growing, hence taste, and generally we have them born April onwards. Our Herdwick Lamb is not usually ready or available until September onwards.  We also have available Herdwick Mutton.