Sillfield Farm Foods are the creation of what we farm live into food products that we can truly enjoy, knowing that the life of the farmed animal was proper and decent. All to often we don’t know whether or not the innings was good or the welfare was compromised for the sake of profit.

Generally the products we make are tried and tested traditions of Artisan Food Production often flying in the face of new EEC regulations. It seems illogical that if we have cared for the live farm animal that we should not care about the food product that the animal becomes. All too often I see profit become the goal of food producing companies with lip service paid to the origin of the commodity.

We have over the years been visited by numerous celebrities, chefs, foodwrighters, and journalists, and I recently won the award from the Countryside Alliance, an inaugural award, by the late Clarissa Dickson Wright (originally of the two fat ladies prog ) for my contribution to “Food Farming and Education” 2013/2014. We also trained Jamie Oliver’s 15 Foundation students for 10 years on butchery and sausage making. Phil Vickery and Fern Briton remain great friends, and respected journalists, Sheila Dillon, Matthew Fort, Tom Parker Bowles, and Rose Prince, have all played a part in keeping our focus on proper made food.

We are currently awaiting a new James Martin series and Tom and Henry from the fabulous Baker Bros production to air in the New Year in which our animals feature highly.

The future!! Well – Online sales, Borough Market sales, Agricultural Shows and Game Fairs Sales, and locally, Barrow-in-Furness Market and Farmers Market Sales. I still believe after 40 years, quality and taste will win the day.