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20 years ago we applied to have our regional Cumbrian sausage protected…  This pork sausage sold traditionally in rings is our heritage, and we are custodians.  No MSG, no rusk, no bread, no flavourings and no antioxidants, in fact very much like it was hundreds of years ago.  We only use the bare minimum of ingredients which, along with our rare breed pork, make this a sausage to die for!

We obtained our PGI (Product Geographical Indication) from the European Union in 2010, becoming the first ever regionally protected sausage, and the UK’s 44th regionally protected product.  It’s now 2020… who knows what will  happen… maybe only Trump knows!

Minimum 85% meat.

Freshly made, ideal for freezing.


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500g, 2.5kg, 1kg


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